Tired of designing and styling the nested comments in your WordPress site? Leave it to us.

  1. SideBySide

    $7 for the PHP and CSS

    SideBySide was developed specifically to work with the CommentBits design, so think 90 degree angles and subtle gradients.

    You can use the preview link below, or take a look at the styles by leaving a comment on our blog.


  2. Neatly

    $7 for the PSD, PHP, and CSS

    Neatly takes its inspiration from popular forum thread designs, holding content in a two column design with rounded edges.

    The color options include red, green, blue, and brown. Changing out the colors is as easy as swapping out a CSS file.


  3. Quotable

    $7 for the PSD, PHP, and CSS

    Quotable is a clean, bold comment style with eight color options to help it integrate into your own theme painlessly.

    The color options include red, green, blue, gray, brown, pale and pink. Changing out the colors is as easy as swapping out a CSS file.


  4. Boxy

    $7 for the PSD, PHP, and CSS

    For the more geometric site designs, try Boxy. The default color styles (all five of them) feature rounded corners, though a simple CSS tweak will make them hard angles.

    The five available color options are brown, orange, gray, red, and blue. See the preview page for more details on Boxy.


  5. Rounded Out (Coming soon!)

    Rounded Out is a comment design heavy with rounded corners, just perfect for the heavily graphic site design looking for a matching comment design. Five+ color options will be available when it’s released. As always, a simple change of the CSS will give you all sorts of options.

    Rounded Out will be available soon.


Have your own comment design?

Maybe you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for here. That’s okay, we can still help you.

For only $75 and the PSD of your design, we’ll send you over all of the files you need to work it into your WordPress theme. Use our contact form to let us know you are interested.

Keep in mind we are also available for developing WordPress themes in their entirety from PSDs. Contact us for specifics.

A note on all CommentBits downloads

Every set of PHP and CSS files available for download are licensed under the GPL. This means that you are free to do what you want with them, even offer them on your own. If you are looking to make money selling these designs, though, maybe consider doing so using the CommentBits Affiliate system.

“I really dislike styling comments, best money I’ve spent this week.” — Matt Mcinvale

“Man I hate styling comments sometimes. $7 for a nice clean design? What a great deal, nice work.”— Paul Cunningham