About CommentBits

CommentBits is a little baby project of Theme Playground, a blog about WordPress.

Have you ever gotten to that point in your theme development? You know, that one point? The point where you have to design and develop the comments of your theme. It’s a pain, and nobody enjoys it.

Here at CommentBits you can pick up ZIP files containing the CSS and PHP you need to put together an awesome comments section for your theme. All of the code is built very well, also, which will make tweaking it to fit your design all the easier.

Use the contact page if you have any questions, and the support page if you have a need for support for your purchase.

“I really dislike styling comments, best money I’ve spent this week.” — Matt Mcinvale

“Man I hate styling comments sometimes. $7 for a nice clean design? What a great deal, nice work.”— Paul Cunningham