New style added, SideBySide

By Ryan Imel


We’re starting this week off with a bang, with the new SideBySide style being added to our lineup. Preview it here, and as always it is available for purchase for $7.

Lifetime Pass holders will be seeing a new download link later on today in their inbox. Remember, the Lifetime Pass grants you access to current available styles and all future styles as well. Get it while you can!

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The launch of!

By Ryan Imel

It was a very exciting week as the site was pushed public and the news rang out on Twitter about CommentBits. A number of you showed an interest, specifically in not having to deal with your own comments anymore.

CommentBits on Twitter

Where did CommentBits come from?

CommentBits is an attempt, just one of my ideas, to answer a problem that I keep seeing pop up. The problem is that people hate styling comments. This pain only worsened with the popularity of threaded comments. At the point where you are looking at CSS that looks like this:

li.comment li.comment li.comment li.comment div.comment-content { ... }

…your eyes start to cross and your soul begins to wither and die. I know, I’ve experienced it too. So I thought, Hey, Self, what if there was an easy way to painlessly integrate awesome comment styles into your WordPress site in a way not too unlike how you already do with themes? After I reconciled having an introspective conversation with myself about WordPress comments, I sat down to make it happen.

I can only solve problems that I myself have had. So I started making comment styles that I thought looked nice, that I would use for myself. Right now CommentBits features three different styles (Neatly, Quotable, and Boxy) and a Lifetime Pass option. Something for everyone, I hope.


I have a lot more up my sleeve, so stick around. Follow us by RSS or on Twitter.

One way you can help us out: leave a testimonial in the comments. How badly do you hate comments, and how much do you love CommentBits for taking away that pain? 🙂

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“I really dislike styling comments, best money I’ve spent this week.” — Matt Mcinvale

“Man I hate styling comments sometimes. $7 for a nice clean design? What a great deal, nice work.”— Paul Cunningham