The perfect comment style for any WordPress blog

Quotable is clean, bold, and pixel perfect. And with eight different color schemes you can easily integrate it into the theme you are using right now.

All you need to do is drop a folder into your theme and add a single line to your functions.php file, and you’re good to go.

  • 8 different color styles (see right)
  • Support for threaded comments (WP 2.7+)
  • Trackback list below the comment form
  • Clean HTML and CSS, easy to tweak
  • Easily incorporate into any themes you’re using right now!
  • Access to all future upgrades

The installation procedure is pretty painless.

  1. After download the ZIP, unpack it.
  2. Rename your theme’s comments.php file to comments-old.php. This is just to protect the theme from any changes we’re making.
  3. Copy over our comments.php and the /quotable folder into the root of your theme.
  4. Paste this line into your theme’s functions.php file: require_once(TEMPLATEPATH . '/quotable/functions.php');

Note: These instructions, and others, are included in the ZIP file’s readme.txt file. Look over it for more help.

Switching styles

Changing the color style of the comments is as easy as commenting out one @import and un-commenting out another in our /quotable/style.css file.

Purchase details

This comment style, a ZIP file containing the PSD, PHP files, and CSS to make it happen, is all yours for only $7. The theme files (PHP, CSS) are licensed under the GPL. You are free to do with it what you please.

“I really dislike styling comments, best money I’ve spent this week.” — Matt Mcinvale

“Man I hate styling comments sometimes. $7 for a nice clean design? What a great deal, nice work.”— Paul Cunningham